Vandalism Closes Kimball Hill Park Restrooms

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Both restrooms at Kimball Hill Park are currently closed due to vandalism.

A sink and soap dispenser were ripped out of the wall in the men's restroom and a substance was tossed on the wall and floor in one of the stalls.

“Damage to this restroom has been happening throughout the summer, but this is the worst,” said Dominic Calderisi, Safety Coordinator/Project Manager for the Rolling Meadows Park District. “What's disappointing is we try to provide these nice facilities for the community and it's a shame that someone ruined it for everyone.”

Because of the sink damage, water had to be shut off to both restrooms. The Park District hopes to have the restrooms operational soon. Those who might know anything about the vandalism are encouraged to call the City of Rolling Meadows Police Department non-emergency number, 847-255-2416.