Bird Houses

Friday, April 2, 2021

The Rolling Meadows Park District and its Senior Center Woodshop have created a bird sanctuary along the Salt Creek pathway between Central Road and Rolling Meadows Library. The 21 handmade birdhouses constructed by our Senior Center Woodshop are targeting to attract birds such as wrens, yellow warblers, swallows, and eastern bluebirds. Research shows these birds can co-exist with red-winged black birds, who are a local dominant species known to be assertive and at times aggressive.

There are numerous benefits to creating a bird sanctuary along the Salt Creek pathway. In addition to inspiring the community to further connect with the beauty of nature, these birds' help to improve the environment and provide benefits to the ecosystem.

The birdhouses were installed in late winter/early spring so they would be in place for when our targeted species arrive in mid-April during the spring migration; giving the birds time to find a home and enhance our parkland. The birdhouses are numbered in preparation for a future map which will provide the location of each birdhouse, type of species designated for, and facts about the bird species. Annual birdhouse sponsorships will also be available.

Please remember, if you're doing any bird watching along Salt Creek and come across one of these beautiful birds, be sure to snap a picture and tag the Rolling Meadows Park District on social media!

For more information about our Senior Center or the Senior Center Woodshop contact Kailey Schwartzhoff at or 847-818-3200 x 1233.