Volunteer With Us!

The Board of Park Commissioners of the Rolling Meadows Park District recognizes the important role that volunteers play in the delivery of quality programs and services. These individuals make possible the scheduling of a greater variety and an increased number of activities, thereby enriching the programs and services of the Rolling Meadows Park District. These volunteers aid in routine responsibilities; they provide leadership; they bring wide and varied points of view and skills to help meet community needs; they contribute immeasurable amounts of time, energy, and effort to make possible many of the programs and services the District provides.

Our staff makes every effort to recruit, train, and supervise volunteers on an on-going basis. Seasonally there are many opportunities to volunteer. Contact the staff listed below for more information on opportunities to make a positive impact on our community.

Baseball Coaches Bryce Bilodeau bbilodeau@rmparks.org
Basketball Coaches Bryce Bilodeau bbilodeau@rmparks.org
Football Coaches Bryce Bilodeau bbilodeau@rmparks.org
Park District Foundation Nick Troy ntroy@rmparks.org
Senior Center Activities Kristina Sromek ksromek@rmparks.org
Special Events Conor Cahill ccahill@rmparks.org
Renegades Hockey Program Bob Veller bveller@rmparks.org
Want general information on volunteering?

Contact Superintendent of Recreation, Conor Cahill at ccahill@rmparks.org